Passion, a unique environment, and traditional technique of light smoking are the ingredients that give the Wolf cured meats their incomparable taste, and so it has been since 1862. In fact, in that year pork-butcher Pietro Schneider started to produce the now famous prosciutto following an ancient recipe that had been handed down for generations.

Today, Giuseppe Petris, his family, and a highly professional team of 60 people continue to work in the same way and with the same unhinged passion in the same charming place. In the village of Saurus (Udine),at 1,200 meters above sea level,  live no more than 400 people, and its remarkable location, in an enchanted valley, protected by the Carnic Alps and overlooking a lake, largely contributes to the perfect aging process of the cured meats thanks to the presence of the lake generates breezes that blow towards the mountain during the day and towards the bottom of the valley during the night.

A peculiarity of the whole range of Wolf products is that they are all lightly smoked to achieve their unique and extraordinary taste. A cold light smoking that gives to our hams and salami the unmistakable scent of Sauris in every slice. The smoke is generated by the slow burning of beech wood logs in a battery of three fireplaces, located on the floor below the smoking cells and connected to them by a system of flue pipes, specifically designed to reduce the temperature of the smoke and allow its heaviest (and potentially harmful) components to set. The grilled bottom of the smoking cells allows a homogeneous diffusion of the smoke, to the advantage of the quality of the finished product.

Finally, the frequent and meticulous quality checks guarantee customers the constant quality of these incredible products.

Maria Elisabetta Plini

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