Whether in snow-capped mountains, enchanted hamlets or lively and dynamic cities, when cold winds lash Italian streets and alleys, the urge to hole up at home and enjoy the coziness is common to all. The soft crackling of the fireplace, a soft blanket under which to curl up, the latest episodes of the favorite tv series, and holding that perfect steaming cup just tops it all up.

Winter in Italy is indisputably synonymous with chocolate. Hot chocolate, or Densa, as it’s also known in Italy, is an exquisite cuddle that evens out the winter days’ slow passage of time, and fosters good mood with its full and velvety texture.

An irresistible sweet temptation to give-in to, a special break to shelter away from the cold and reenergize before once again facing the coldest days of the year.

It is, however, widely known that chocolate cannot be resisted in whichever shape or form it comes, whether it’s dark, milk or white, pure or in a superfine gelato that evokes the long and sunny summer days.

It is especially cherished by Italians, a fact that Loacker is very well aware of, and in order to always offer us new and unique delicacies, it only uses high quality ingredients. In fact, in its chocolate specialties Loacker uses chocolate from the Cocoa Farming Program, a sustainable strategy that Loacker has set up to guarantee the uttermost safeguarding for the planet’s resources, but also for local farmers and their families.

An all-Italian sense of community which makes its wafers even tastier. The cocoa Loacker sources comes from the Ivory Coast and from Ecuador and, where the best cocoa grows in terms of soil, climate and social customs, these provide two different varieties of cocoa beans, which are both vital in providing the subtle sophistication of its wafers.

By monitoring the harvest directly from the fields no less than four times a year (twice in the Ivory Coast and twice in Ecuador) Loacker oversees selection and quality and helps local agricultural cooperatives and small communities at each harvest.

Only by devoting themselves to the individual communities and by building in-depth relationships with farmers, Loacker can closely monitor each stage of the harvest and make sure you get the finest chocolate with your wafer cookies. And the selection of chocolate wafers is quite remarkable. From the original milk chocolate, to dark chocolate and even double chocolate wafer cookies, there is something for everyone – perfect for an afternoon break, a little treat along with your coffee or tea or just something you wish to have while enjoying a good book.

What are you in the mood for today?

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