Eggs, cheese, guanciale, and pepper. Only four ingredients to create many concerts for the taste buds

In many countries, the carbonara recipe has been modified to the local taste to include even cream, butter, and bacon. In Italy, on the other hand, we accept much fewer variations. However, even in Rome, the hometown of the iconic recipe, different restaurants make unique versions of it.

The ingredients are only four – eggs, cheese, guanciale, and pepper – but their quality and the cooking technique can make all the difference.

Here are the three best Roman restaurants where to indulge the taste buds in these yellow masterpieces.

Roscioli, Salumeria con Cucina – Near Campo de’ Fiori, Roscioli makes one of the best carbonara in Rome. Their secret is the choice of ingredients: Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri, guanciale di Montecorvo, and a mix of Sichuan and Sarawak pepper. According to the chef, Nabil Hadj Hassen, it is also important that they use a hot iron pan to sizzle the guanciale.

Luciano, Cucina Italiana – Chef Luciano Monosilio in on the second step of the podium. His restaurant is in Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo. He prepares carbonara with spaghettoni Felicetti, guanciale produced by the restaurant on the Castelli Romani company. Moreover, he pasteurizes the eggs with a double saucepan to obtain a perfectly creamy sauce.

Trattoria L’Avvolgibile – Chef Adriano Baldassarre obtained for his restaurant in the Appio district a Michelin star and the bronze medal for the best carbonara recipe. Baldassarre mixes the pasta with the sauce off the crispy guanciale off the heat. He also makes the egg sauce using only yolks and mixing them with pepper and a blend of pecorino of different ages to better balance the flavor.

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