handmade ceramics clay artisan hand workIn the province of Salerno, the gateway to the gorgeous Amalfi Coast is the beautiful village of Vietri sul Mare. Rich in monuments to visit and places of cultural interest, from the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista to Villa Guariglia, from the Tower of Marina di Vietri to the Ponte di Molina, this amazing location, in 1997, was listed as UNESCO World Heritage. However, what made it famous throughout the world is its production of polychrome ceramics, a tradition since at least the 15th century. The ceramics industry took hold in the late Renaissance thanks to the Sanseverino Princes and since then has always been a symbol of Vietri sul Mare with artistic ceramics decorate alleys and streets, making the urban and coastal landscape even more charming.

The Ceramics of Vietri sul Mare are true masterpieces resulting from a centuries-old tradition, carried out only in some countries of the Amalfi Coast, and represent one of the products of excellence in these places. Their most extraordinary characteristic is that each ceramic is a unique piece, there are no duplicates. This is due to the very long and complex production process, which entails several stages: shaping the clay on the wheel, baking in the oven, glazing, immersion in white enamel, drying, hand decoration, and final baking to fix the incredible colors of the decorations.

Even today the production of the best Vietri ceramics continues in the various artisan workshops, thus bringing forward a family tradition that is sometimes over a hundred years old. The Ceramica Artistica Solimene factory, for example, not only exhibits a vast collection of contemporary ceramics, but it is also an example of organic architecture after World War II by Paolo Soleri.



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