tripadvisor cibo food italy italia guide guidaIn Italy, lovers that want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner may have some troubles choosing among a plethora of options. TripAdvisor came to the rescue compiling a list of the most romantic restaurants in Italy taking into consideration the quality, quantity, and topicality of the reviews they received.

Sea, culinary tradition, and a unique landscape are some of the ingredients Campania includes in its perfect recipe for romantic (food) lovers. Indeed, the top three positions of the ranking are occupied by three restaurants that are less than 100km from each other.valentine's day restaurant food cibo san valentino ristorante cibo mangiare wine glass candle candela romantic love amore

Caracol Gourmet‘ in Bacoli, in the province of Naples, turned out to be the uttermost romantic restaurant in Italy. Not only the service is impeccable and the food delicious, but it also has a breathtaking view overlooking the coast of the entire Bay of Naples. The silver medal goes to ‘Terrazza Bosquet‘ in the charming Sorrento, again in the province of Naples, and again a restaurant with an amazing view on the sea. What sets ‘Terrazza Bosquet’ apart is its creative cuisine with which the chef demonstrates the ability to enhance traditional recipes and ingredients with a modern twist. The third most romantic restaurant in Italy on the Amalfi, in Ravello, in the province of Salerno. ‘Il Flauto di Pan‘ has the perfect atmosphere for a special evening, including the reception and the quality of the service offered that contribute to turning a dinner into an experience to be remembered forever.

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