Thermal vapors in natural caves, stalactites, stalagmites, and ancient Roman remains have in common the fascinating allure of underground environments, which in Italy are often used to create unique spas and wellness centers. Here are some of them:

Grotta Giusti, Monsummano Terme (Pistoia) – Here it is possible to detox with thermal vapor while breathing in the history of the Earth written on the millennial stalactites and stalagmites in the natural cave defined by Giuseppe Verdi as “the eighth wonder of the world”. It was discovered by chance in 1849 inside the property of a frescoed 1800s villa.

Y-40 The Deep Joy, Montegrotto Terme (Padova) – This Guinness Record 42.15-meter deep pool is the deepest pool in the world and the only one with thermal water at 32-34 ° C that is suitable for scuba diving and freediving underwater activities. It even has platforms at different depth levels and tunnels suitable for underwater caving practice and the only underwater transparent and suspended tunnel in the world.

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Nun Assisi Spa Museum, Assisi (Perugia) – Another unique place, in the basement of the NUN Assisi Relais, this underground spa is surrounded by the walls of a Roman amphitheater with pools among arches, capitals, and ancient steps. There is also a Roman thermal path with the of the traditional tepidarium, calidarium, and frigidarium rooms.

Centro Climatico, Predoi (Bolzano) – Within the complex of the Museo Provinciale Miniere, this ‘climate gallery’ is located 1,100 meters underground in a former 15th-century copper mine in the mountains of the Valle Aurina. In this environment, which boasts extremely pure air free of pollens and allergens it is possible to practices respiratory gymnastics to treat asthmatic pathologies and cleaning the respiratory tract.

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