Until March 20, a great exhibition on space and moon with a 400 sm Space Camp dedicated to simulators

turin-moon-event-landing-space-astronauts‘Space Adventure‘, the great exhibition on space and the moon that traveled around the world landed in Italy. Until March 20th, 2020, ‘Promotrice delle Belle Arti’ in Turin houses it in its extensive exhibition area. The exhibition, which already touched several other cities in the world such as Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, and Warsaw, totaled over 4 million visitors in just 4 years.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience what is like to travel beyond Earth orbit, to live in space, and to circle the Earth.

A unique and exciting journey that tells the incredible human achievements in space exploration. Space and its wonders are told through the eyes and objects of NASA and the Russian Star City. Spacesuits and spaceships, satellites, rockets, scale models, moonstones. On show, there are over eighty original pieces of memorabilia that marked the path of astronauts, technicians, and scientists.
A highlight of the exhibition is the ‘Space Camp‘, 400 square meters of pure interactivity. Thanks to simulators, visitors can experience the same sensations astronauts and cosmonauts experience; from the absence of gravity to the loss of spatial orientation, or to the landing of the Space Shuttle back on Earth.
Turin is already engaged in this field with men, research centers, and aerospace industries. In this context, Extramusem scientific dissemination and the RADAR Association brought the exhibition under the patronage of the City of Turin. ‘Space Adventure’ is a production of the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, US.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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