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University Federico II – Naples

Every year about 70 million students from all over the world check to select the best institution in which to enroll to complete their higher education. The website has published the new Qs World University Rankings 2020, which feature a total of 34 Italian universities, 5 more than last year.  This means that now the Bel Paese in the 7th most represented country and 3rd countries in Europe after the United Kingdom (84 universities) and Germany (47) and before France (31) and Spain (27).

The performance of Italian universities in the ranking has been steadily improving over the past few editions of the Rankings and this year 14 of them have achieved higher positions including the Politecnico di Torino (climbed 40 positions), the Università di Firenze (+50 positions), the Federico II di Napoli (+48), and the Politecnico di Milano. The latter continues its ascending trajectory and is confirmed for the 5th consecutive year the overall top Italian university and particularly appreciated by international recruiters, who rank it 61st in the world for “employers’ opinion”. Rector Ferruccio Resta said: “An important goal achieved thanks to the commitment and hard work, and a step forward for the city of Milan and the territory. But we are not satisfied and we are aware that the next results will depend on our ability to attract qualified teachers from abroad and the willingness of the country to implement adequate university policies.”

The excellence of Italian universities emerges especially “research impact” as ranking parameters. In particular, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, with its 737 students, in spite of its size, makes in the top 10 universities on a global level for the impact of the research produced – Sabina Nuti, director of the Scuola commented: “Our strategy, focused on research, has proved to be successful. Considering our small dimensions, the result is exceptional.

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