There is one thing that Italian women do better than all others: cooking. According to the 2018 Michelin Guide there are 138 starred female chef worldwide, of which 45 in Italy. Here are the 5 most influential and award-winning women chefs in our country.

Nadia Santini –  ‘Dal Pescatore’ (Canneto sull’Oglioa – Mantua)
The first Italian female chef to be awarded 3 stars, she started working in her family’s restaurant, ‘Dal Pescatore’, in 1974 and received her stars in 1996. In 2010, she appeared in the “Three Stars” documentary by Lutz Hachmeister and in 2013 she was nominated “Best female chef in the world”.

Luisa Marelli Valazza – ‘Al Sorriso’ (Soriso – Novara)
This self-taught 2-star chef started cooking in the ‘Al Sorriso’ in 1981. Her cuisine is particularly creative even if based on the solid Piedmontese culinary tradition. Her restaurant is characterized by the striking balance between past and innovation and an impeccable service.

Aurora Mazzucchelli – ‘Marconi’ (Sasso Marconi – Bologna)
She took over the family restaurant, ‘Marconi’, in 2000 and received her first Michelin star in 2008. Her cuisine is a concentrate of emotions and sensations, and manages to combine with skillful balance the Italian tradition and the culinary suggestions from other countries of the world.

Valeria Piccini – ‘Da Caino’ (Montemerano Manciano – Grosseto)
Born in medieval village of Montemerano, there she learned the art of good food and opened her restaurant that has been awarded 2 Michelin stars. In her dishes the flavors of traditional farm meals mix with that of novelty. The vegetables are grown in her family’s garden.

Cristina Bowerman – ‘Glass Hostaria’ (Rome)
This very creative chef was awarded her first Michelin star in 2010 for the ‘Glass Hostaria’ in Rome. Her incredibly wide-ranging cuisine has the distinction of combining flavors with science in an eclectic mix of multi-cultural influences and traditional Italian recipes. From 2012 he is also in charge of the kitchen of ‘Romeo Chef & Baker’, always in Rome.

(Ilona Catani Scarlett)

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