Video tutorial and recipes to learn how to recreate in your kitchen recipes from starred restaurants

All Italian restaurants are closed, as required by the Presidential Decree, to limit the spread of the epidemic. But it is not possible to keep Italian chefs from cooking, so many of them decided to take advantage of social media to continue to share their passion. They cook in the kitchens of their home and post videos and recipes using the #iocucinoacasa (I cook at home) hashtag as a gesture of sharing, generosity, and solidarity.

In this way, anyone can try to replicate them and enjoy the flavors usually found in starred restaurants.

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Alessandro Negrini of the 2-star ‘Luogo di Aimo e Nadia’ restaurant, prepared ‘Pancotto con seppie’ (cooked bread with cuttlefish), made with stale bread. And ‘Riso alla pilota’, which is made with rice, salami or sausages, sage, and flat white string beans. The Milanese ‘Bar Mare’ involved its followers launching a survey to find the most requested recipes. They responded asking for stuffed squid and spaghetti with clams. The latter is a traditional seafood recipe of which the restaurant is particularly proud of. Tv chef Marco Bianchi offered a full menu with squash and carrots pureed soup squash, stir-fried eggplants, and pasta salad with tomatoes, peas, tuna, and oregano. The 3-star Massimiliano Alajmo of ‘Calandre’ taught his followers how to bake the best homemade bread. While starred chef Vitantonio Lombardo showed how to prepare ‘tiramisu’.

Moreover, 40 Milanese chefs and pastry chefs joined forces for the @milanokkepsoncooking account, created by a communication agency. Here, chef Eugenio Boer explained step by step how to prepare his delicious Nino Bergese Rice. The project is reaching the chefs from all over Italy and beyond, so much so that it was decided to sell the aprons and donate the proceeds to the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan.

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