The Official Attempt for the ‘longest tiramisu‘ will take place at the Tiare Shopping in Villesse, Gorizia, on  February 11th, with the start of the event in the morning and the conclusion in the afternoon when, following the official measurement, about 6 thousand portions of the dessert will be distributed to the public.

30,000 sponge fingers, 300 liters of coffee and over 300 kilograms of mascarpone-cream made with strictly organic eggs, these are the doses to make the tiramisu that the event organizer, Mirko Ricci, expects to be at least 150 meters long. Ricci, who has already established the record for ‘the biggest tiramisu’ (Gemona, 2015) setting the mark at 3,015 kg, once again brings in the spotlight the delicious mascarpone-based spoon dessert, for which he organized also the Tiramisu World Cup in Treviso.

His aim is to highlight the convivial characteristics of the tiramisu, which is considered a dessert to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family and represent one of the Italian iconic flags around the world. Ricci said that with this new challenge he wants to promote the story of this dessert that brings a sense of cohesion and belonging to the Friulian community that has rediscovered its gathering power. Indeed, many local companies will support the initiative with the many volunteers and professional pastry chefs of the Friulian association ‘Etica del gusto’, who are all ready to take the field to conquer this new world record that will be overseen by  Official Judge of the Guinness Word Record in London, Lorenzo Veltri.

This record will be a great start for the National Year of Italian Food set up in 2018 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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