Salento, on the southern tip of Apulia (also known as Puglia), is a captivating and glamorous destination attracting hordes of travellers from all over the globe. Until a few years ago, the territory around Salento was hostage to its overwhelmingly wild and sometimes cruel nature, at the mercy of a disturbing and therefore unmanageable beauty. It lacked, perhaps, the right amount expertize to maximize its potential. Today Salento has become very grand, tourist facilities have evolved with intelligent and innovative ideas that focus on eco-sustainability and the opportunity for guests to take advantage of tailor-made vacation packages to guarantee a relaxing experience for both body and soul. Thus were born the state-of-the-art facilities of the Vivosa Apulia Resort, a refined 4-star hotel set in the splendid surroundings of the Ugento Regional Nature Park on the east coast of Salento, caressed by the regenerating waters of the Ionian Sea. An eco-friendly structure endorsed by Eco-resort and Gold Travel Life, Vivosa Apulia is the standard-bearer of the Unique Antistress Quality brand, a process certifying the anti-stress policies within companies that it works with, as evidence of their commitment towards the well-being their workers, and hosts the International Wellbeing Meeting Point in Salento, the international forum for discussion attended by guests and speakers from around the world and now in its third year.

Vivosa Apulia Resort with its tried-and-tested all-inclusive formula, today represents the point of excellence of a truly stress-free vacation format for everyone, from families looking to recharge their batteries to business teams wishing to optimize internal cohesion and productivity. It is the only resort in Italy to incorporate an anti-stress ethic and amongst the first in the world to undertake such a mission, the Vivosa Apulia, constructed entirely of local stone, to balance and harmoniously blend with its surrounding natural landscape, is the ideal location for team-building activities, conventions and meetings, both by virtue of its available space, as well as the facilities on-offer such as outdoor meeting rooms and programs targeting stress.

Within such an intricate and farsighted framework, food also plays a major role in the activities. This is how the Energy Cooking project was born, in collaboration with the Nutritional Cooking Consultant Paola Di Giambattista: made-to-order, with healthy food suggestions, focusing on balanced ingredients and a series of related activities from dedicated laboratories, which deal with re-use and creative recycling in the kitchen (Green Life), to vegetarian and vegan recipes (Kitchen With Love) and beauty (From Kitchen to Beauty which allows the creation of beauty recipes using foodstuffs), along with tasting itineraries customized to be both healthy and informed. The gastronomic choice of Vivosa is an assurance in itself, of the quality of the ingredients, organic and with a zero-mile footprint: for lunch, the sumptuous buffet from Via Appia tantalizes the eyes and palates of the patrons, while for dinner, nothing is more evocative than a table on the white stone terrace of the restaurant ‘A Puteca, with its star vaults, open cellar and atmospheric lighting, there to enjoy the recipes of Executive Chef Mario Romano, a luxurious and special experience, with good wine, excellent food and a romantic window onto the sea. Vivosa Apulia Resort is a small, magical, protected world-of-its-own where you can get in touch with your inner self and feel closer to everyone. The 4 central pools with their hydromassage sessions and waterfalls allow you to wash away negative thoughts and are an ever welcoming liquid embrace, while children are unleashed onto the waterslides provided especially for them, and that’s not counting the wide range of other activities absolutely “forbidden to adults”.

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