Irresistible Loacker authenticity continues to conquer the USA with avant-garde blends. In Manhattan, it evolves and thrives, together with other savvy ambassadors of Italian knowhow and taste.

Michele Casadei Massari Tiramisù Loacker Lucciola

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Chef Michele Casadei Massari and Loacker decided to create an exquisite bond in one of the places that best represent the value of Made in Italy in the cuisine abroad.

It is in the Lucciola restaurant (which opened in 2017) that it is possible to find these two brands committed to offering guests the true taste of Italianisms. Lucciola, and Loacker, the historic Italian wafer and chocolate manufacturer, fulfill their stories in the United States with this initiative that wants to involve New Yorkers in a taste experience that is as much innovative as it is appetizing: what could be better, in these autumn days, than indulging in a Tiramisù special recipe with Loacker wafers? Try to imagine…




Loacker Napoleon Tiramisù

by Executive Chef Michele Casadei Massari

Mascarpone cream

1000gr mascarpone cheese
10 egg yolk or 250gr of liquid egg yolk
250gr sugar
100ml water
20gr gelatin powder (optional to be added in the eggs and water mix)
700ml heavy cream + 70gr confectionary sugar or granulated
chocolate powder or shaved


Heat water and sugar in a pan to 240-248 max degrees F. Add the sugar water to the egg yolk and mix with a hand mixer till soft and pale.
Add mascarpone, stir with a spatula and sparingly with a hand m ixer till mixed.
Whip the heavy cream with sugar separately.
Mix the whipped cream with the mascarpone mix.
Refrigerate to chill.
Take a glass cup, pour a layer of mascarpone cream, then add a l ayer of Loacker Espresso Quadratini, pour another layer of mascarpone and close it with a nice touch of powdered chocolate or chocolate crumbles on top.

Or get creative, I like to add Raspberries to my recipe and add a second layer of Loacker to top the tiramisù, but you can play with it and have fun!

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