An 80-hectare estate in the heart of the Murge plateau where happy pizza lovers can lodge in traditional trulli

According to 50TopItaly, Francesco Martucci is the number one pizza chef in the world. He reached popularity with his ‘I Masanielli‘ restaurant in Caserta, in Campania, but his new project will come to life on the Murge plateau, in Apulia. ‘Pizza Farm Posta Mangieri‘ will turn 80 hectares rich in almond groves, olive groves, vineyards, arable land, and 40 trulli into the heaven of pizza lovers.

Francesco Martucci

The farmhouse will be the epicenter of creativity, where the produce of the land will be transformed and included in scrumptious pizzas. While a local botanist will follow the collection of wild herbs.

The land will be at the center of everything and pizza will tell about this splendid biodiversity.

The farmhouse, besides the new kitchen, will also seat 150 guests at a time. While the trulli will be recovered to offer hospitality to those who decide to stop for more than a pizza and immerse themselves in this magical land.

Martucci chose Apulia for several reasons, including the fact that both his grandmothers were from there. However, it has been Lilia Colonna, pastry chef of I Masanielli, and partner of Martucci that introduced him to this land full of natural treasures to be discovered, harsh landscapes, and wide spaces. Posta Mangieri borns as an activity connected to agriculture. Martucci and Colonna’s intention is to bring to the table the flavors and aromas of local products accompanied by local wines in a simple and essential environment. Far from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism, from the most popular holiday routes.

Martucci will be at the ‘Pizza Farm’ on Monday and Tuesday. Colonna will oversee it for another three days a week. Half of the I Masanielli team will relocate to the farmhouse, while the other half will remain in Caserta. In this way, nobody will be put on layoffs even if the work will be reduced due to the newly required safety measures.
Martucci explained: “Opening in Apulia was a dream I had for a long time. The Murge is an extraordinary land. I am obsessive about researching raw materials and here I feel like a child in a toy store. What we want to do with ‘Pizza Farm’ is to welcome people and make the area known in its most intense shades. Our task will only be to enhance a territory that says it all by itself.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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