Set of “The New Pope” by Paolo Sorrentino.
Ph: Gianni Fiorito.

Written by director Paolo Sorrentino with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises, The New Pope, thanks to the success of the first season, has already created great expectations for the upcoming second one. Produced by co-produced by Sky and Hbo and broadcast on Sky Atlantic in 2016, the TV series tells the story of Lenny Belardo, who chooses the name of Pius XIII when he becomes the first American pontiff.

Recently Sorrentino’s troupe and cast, after beginning the shooting of the new season of the series in Rome and in the Hermitage of Santo Spirito a Majella in the province of Pescara, arrived in Venice for the shooting of the new season. Today, from the morning until the middle of the afternoon, the Grand Canal will hosts the filming of a great papal procession. Then, until January 16, Sorrentino and team will be shooting in the area of the Civil Hospital, between Rio dei Mendicanti and Campo San Giovanni e Paolo.
In the cast of the second season, there are still Jude Law, who interprets Lenny Belardo, and Silvio Orlando, as Cardinal Voiello. According to some rumors, there should also be Sharon Stone and Stefano Accorsi in the role of the Italian Prime Minister. Moreover, some photos published some time ago by the Daily Mail showed John Malkovich in papal clothes, but no one knows if he is going to take the place of Belardo, it could be just a dream, who knows what. The fact remains that the first season ended with a big question mark on the fate of Pope-Law, who remained poised between life and death.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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