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The eccentric and youthful streetwear brand GCDS (acronym of God Can’t Destroy Streetwear) collaborated with historic pasta manufacturer Barilla to rejuvenate the latter’s look aiming for the  repositioning of the historic pasta manufacturer in a market that requires open-minded and inclusive attitudes.

GCDS is a symbol of the Made in Italy that looks at the multicultural and energetic squares of Milan, London, Berlin and it aims at a very young target. Their style is casual, ironic, oversized, and unisex garments, with pop graphics and bright colors evoking the world of clubbing and trap.

On the other hand, Barilla is an iconic brand that has always been faithful to tradition, in terms of style but also of families. Indeed, in 2013, Guido Barilla, CEO of the group stated that the inclusion of homosexual families was not to be expected in the brand’s advertising. The international market reacted to his call to traditional values, perceived as a homophobic statement, with an epochal boycott that resulted in a drop in international sales and noticeable image damage. Now, with GCDS restyling, Barilla hopes to project a more open and free from prejudice attitude while still staying away from commercials with alternative families.

Giuliano Calza, GCDS’ creative director, has been contacted by Barilla to design a tribute collection and reinvent the classic packaging for a limited edition. This is how the mandatory blue box, the trademark of the famous Italian pasta, turned into a daring shocking pink with both brands present on the bold packaging. At the same time, the related 2019-20 capsule collection arrived on the catwalk with super branded unisex clothes and all-over prints, including hooded sweatshirts, wool hats, and t-shirts on which the dominating brand is Barilla.

Photos Packaging New Barilla by GCDS

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