October, 18-27, Eurochocolate 2019 in Perugia

Since 1994, Perugia every October becomes the capital of the chocolate world. This year hoards of chocolate lovers are ready to the 26th Eurochocolate from October 18th to October 27th.

Along Perugia’s stony alleys there will be dozens of carts and small shops selling their mouth-watering goods. The usually quiet town turns into a buzzing hub where visitors can satisfy their sweet tooth. As adoring chocolate songs blast from street-side speakers, the hum of happy tourists gets louder and louder with each bite. The tasting opportunities are countless and all sorts of tastebuds will be gratified.

From flavored chocolate – mint, cherry, orange, caramel, coconut, etc. – to chocolate liquor, hot chocolate, and chocolate kebab.

Visitors can discover Italian and international chocolate traditions in different laboratories and food stands from dozens of different countries. There are also many themed events, tasting tours, shows, cultural events, cooking classes, and conferences. For some of these, it is necessary to book, as seats are limited, but the admission is always free. The event animates most of the streets and the squares of the historic town. Perugia is by now known as “The Chocolate City“, which for 9 days turns into a real open-air chocolate factory and shop.

One of the most awaited events takes part on the first Sunday of the Festival. On this day, in front of visitors, skilled artists create ‘Chocolate Sculpures‘ carving them out of enormous blocks of chocolate. The resulting works of art remain on display for the entire duration of the events. However, only during the carving session, millions of chocolate chips will be offered to the public.

Photos courtesy of Eurochocolate press office

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