Sorrentino’s ‘The New Pope’ is the most loved one, followed by ‘Gomorrah’ and ‘Medici’

I Medici

In the US people are in love with Italian TV series. And a new ranking published by Il Corriere declaired ‘The New Pope’ the most loved of all. The ranking, elaborated by Parrot Analytics, refers to the period between December 2019 and January 2020. And is based on Demand Expressions, an index that measures the interest in television products aggregating streaming, downloads, interactions on social networks, and internet searches.

Demand Expression considers both chapters of Paolo Sorrentino’s latest TV series, ‘The New Pope‘ and the previous one ‘The Young Pope‘, broadcast on Sky Atlantic.

Together, they are unbeatable and they are without any doubt the most popular Italian TV series in the US. Much to its success is due to Sorrentino, who won an Academy Award with ‘The Great Beauty‘. However, the performances of gread actors such as John Malkovich and Jude Law are equally important. It also helps that it is a large international co-production involving Sky, Hbo, and Canal +.

The silver medal goes to ‘Gomorrah‘, although only two of the four seasons of the TV series based on Roberto Saviano’s bestseller have arrived in the United States. The series’ rights in the US belong to TWC and the company, owned by Harvey Weinstein, filed for bankruptcy after the entrepreneur’s sex scandal. Thus, no US distribution agreement has yet been found for Gomorra 3 and Gomorra 4. Even if, the New York Times recently ranked it fifth as best non-American products of the last decade.

The third most popular Italian TV series in the US is another international co-production, ‘Medici‘, that recounts the rise of the Medici family in Renaissance Florence. In the cast of its three seasons, there are both international and Italian actors. Among them: Dustin Hoffman, Richard Madden, Daniel Sharman, Guido Caprino, and Alessandra Mastronardi.

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