The Romans built it in 271 BC and it is this the world’s tallest artificial waterfall

The impressive Marmore Falls, in the Province of Terni, originated from the interaction between man and nature. With its overall height of 165 meters, it is one of the tallest falls in Europe and the tallest man-made in the world. Its magnificence makes it a destination for many tourists that what to enjoy a unique sight.

Located in Valenerina, it is the heart of the splendid natural reserve to which it gave its name. Name that itself owes to the calcium carbonate salts that settle on the rocks of the mountain giving reflections similar to those of white marble crystals. Water from the Velino River surges through the hills above the city of Rieti before bursting over verdant cliffs and plummeting into the valley below.

All surrounded by trees and greenery, to highlight the force of nature.

The Romans built Cascata delle Marmore in 271 BC. At the time, the hills through which the Velino River was flowing were a marshy spot full of disease-bearing insects. Consul Manio Curio Dentato ordered the construction of a canal for the outflow of the stagnant waters. These would go soaring over a nearby cliff and down into the Nera River, which flowed through the valley below. The falls continued to flow uninterrupted until the 16th century when it became necessary to build two new channels. Finally, the falls received their current look in 1787, when an architect diverted some of the water to create a series of lateral cataracts. Now, the Marmore Falls is part of a hydroelectric plant. This most of the time reduces the fall’s thundering, roaring flow. However, twice a day, the power plant lets the water gush over the cliffs with its full power.

At these times, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking sight of its three jumps. They can do so from the Lower Belvedere, at the base of the waterfall, from where they can admire the grandeur of the water plunging with all its power. Otherwise, they can choose to go to the Upper Belvedere, located on an elevated point. This allows them to have a splendid overall view of the first jump of the waterfall.

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