Until February 10th, Levita’s ‘TUTTO.Leonardo’ connects the Renaissance genius with Ponti through color

TUTTO.Leonardo‘ is Mariangela Levita’s multimedia installation inaugurated on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm. Curated by Adriana Rispoli, the site-specific work intends to celebrate in a contemporary key Leonardo’s boundless genius 500 years after his death. For the installation, Levita started from the recognition of the genius and versatility of two Italian masters, Leonardo da Vinci and Giò Ponti. She transfigured their precepts regarding the use of color involving the facade of the historic building, music, and video.

Levita transforms the more than 100 iconic windows/diaphragms of the building’s facade into ‘color screens‘. In doing this she adopts Leonardo’s principle sees art and science are one. Using 6 simple colors as the Renaissance genius taught: “The white we will see for the light, without which no color can be seen, and yellow for the ground, green for water, blue for air, and red for fire, and the black for the darkness”.

TUTTO.Leonardo‘ is a rhythmic composition declined to the dialogue of the colors as a whole.

Every single window acts as a vision and monochrome filter on the surrounding external and internal space of the building, designed by Giò Ponti exactly sixty-one years ago.

TUTTO.Leonardo  is realized thanks to a collaboration between the Institute and the Embassy of Italy in Sweden as part of the integrated promotion plan ‘VivereALL’Italiana’. It will be possible to appreciate the beauty of this installation until February 10th, 2020.

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