In an extraordinary event, as part of the autumn tour to the United States, the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, it’s preparing for its Carnegie Hall debut. For the second time the historic Concert Hall will host a concert dedicated to the memory of Aldo Finzi. After a promising start, the career of this Italian Composer was tragically interrupted by his premature death in 1945, when Finzi was 48 years old.

To celebrate his works, the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra will play three symphonic poems of Finzi. The Programme of the night will also include a violin concert by Fabio Vacchi, a contemporary Italian composer that will debut in New York and several other compositions of Hungarian musicians.
The conductors for this special night will be Placido Domingo and Balázs Kocsár. The Maestro Domingo will conduct for first time ever at the Carnegie Hall, thanks to the kind permission of The Metropolitan Opera.

Aldo Finzi was a great Italian composer and he is internationally considered as one of the most influent musicians of all times. His incredible artistic range allowed him to write compositions that lent themselves perfectly for opera symphonic, chamber music and liriche. His works have been played around the world and now they get to New York, making his desire to the family real: “Have my music performed”.

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