The authenticity of the natural ingredients and craftsmanship epitomize the sense of lightness of the Dolomite Mountains, making the Loackers a true Italian sweet. The synthesis of the perfect taste is expressed in a filled wafer that can happily blend with other flavors, to form complete combinations.

A Loacker wafer has no schedule, as it is suitable at breakfast, as a mid-afternoon snack, as an anytime snack or light nibble right before bed. Eaten as is, the wafer releases its purest taste. The creaminess of the hazelnuts and the crunchiness of the wafers that surrounds the cream is enough to give an intense and encompassing taste to the palate. But if a taste is already at its best all on its own, adding another flavor gets you the most perfect mix. Just think of the encounter between the Loacker wafer and a steaming cup of coffee or a fluffy cappuccino: the rapture of delight is reached when the Loacker dives into the black nectar.

The aroma of the wafer is softened in the bold taste of the roasted coffee, forming a union that does not the distinct flavor identities but opens up new horizons of an unexpected taste. Loacker wafers and coffee are undoubtedly a winning combination. They are the most authentic and representative ambassadors of a traditional Italian coffee break, a no age-limit sweet habit able to conquer all.

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