Costa Crociere announced that a museum dedicated to Italian design will be built on board its new flagship, Costa Smeralda, which is expected to be launched in October 2019. “CoDe – Costa Design Collection” will gather the excellence of Italian innovative design focusing on products, fashion, transport, and cinema.

The CoDe collection will be a real tribute to the history of Made in Italy from the 1930s to today, celebrating the great influence that Italian creativity still has throughout the world. A choice that fits perfectly with the theme of Costa Smeralda, “Italy’s finest”, by exhibiting for the guests the most iconic moments in the history of Italian design. CoDe will be curated by Matteo Vercelloni, an authority on architecture and design, who declared: “CoDe, through a selection of artifacts, mostly still in production, intends to tell  the vitality of furnishings and objects that, bypassing fads, turn into ‘classics’ of Italian design. (…) In this sense, the museum becomes a portrait of Italy over time.” The museum, designed by Costa Smeralda’s creative director Adam D. Tihany, is located at the center of the ship, encouraging guests to visit it several times during their stay on board.

Costa Crociere’s President, Neil Palomba, said: “Costa Smeralda will be a tribute to Italy, to our country’s excellences that are loved and appreciated all over the world. Italian design is certainly one of these excellences. So we are particularly proud to have on board our new flagship a real museum dedicated to Italian design, where there are also the works of many designers that have contributed to the realization and success of the ship.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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