Over 300 gin labels express the wide variety of Italian flavors and the country’s passion for quality

For a long time, Italy has been famous for its gramma and other liqueurs. However, in the past few years, a new distilled alcoholic drink has been benefitting from the iconic Italian passion for quality and craftsmanship: gin. As reported by Report Gourmet, this is a true phenomenon and there are over 300 Made in Italy gin labels.
Gin, by definition and regulation, is a spirit drink obtained by flavoring alcohol of agricultural origin with juniper berries. Alternatively, aromatic preparations can be used, but the taste of juniper must be predominant.

lemon-gin-glass-slicesAnd the minimum alcoholic strength by volume of the distilled Gin is 37.5% vol. Once these basic rules are applied, producers can play adding and mixing other spices and flavors.

With this logic, many small specialized distilleries produce each a gin that has characteristic nuances that makes it unique. Some of them are absolutely a must-try for gin lovers:
Barz8 is one of the best cocktail bars in Turin. For this reason, it created Be8, specially designed for mixing. It is made with 8 botanical herbs including cardamon as the dominant one. Its balsamic notes mixed with the undergrowth ones are surprising.
On a completely different note, Gadir is the expression of the meeting of gin with Mediterranean flavors. It is an organic gin produced by cold infusion of capers, juniper berries, and other Mediterranean essences. Among them, coriander brings freshness to the mixes of flavors.

A sip of Marconi 46 is like a walk in the woods. Two different pines, the Mugo and the Cembro give it its balsamic note. They are a tribute to the Asiago plateau, from which the producers come.

Also, Diogeo‘s ingredients praise the hills on which it is born. Fresh mint, thyme, and other Piedmontese herbs that are distilled a few hours after harvest. It is a true sip of Langhe. Other essences of the Langhe are present in Wolfrest Gin. In it, we find aromas of truffle and hazelnuts.

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