Watch and learn how to make the most traditional regional recipes from Salento, Valle d’Itria, and Bari

The Italian community of the global recipe sharing platform offers a free online cooking course dedicated to Apulian cuisine. Cookpad Italia’s ‘La video scuola’ (the video school) has its own YouTube channel where there are already three different lesson-recipes. For each one, the channel offers a step-by-step video tutorial in which the recipe is explained by the authors. Plus, they also indicate one or more links to refer to for the recipe, the doses, the ingredients, and the detailed procedure.

egg-cookingThe three lessons already visible concern classic ‘pitta’ with ‘panzerotti’, orecchiette with turnip tops, and Bari focaccia.

The first lesson revolves around potatoes. Stefania Divittorio and Sabina ‘Baciate la Cuoca’ illustrate the ‘Pitta salentina e Panzerotti galatinesi’. The pitta, originally a staple food, is now one of the most popular dishes of Salento. Restaurants and trattorias serve it cut in cubes as an appetizer. While panzerotti are delicious deep-fried potato croquettes with a twist.

Marina and Rosy Dettoli in the second lesson, respond from the Itria Valley with one of the most representative Apulia0n dishes, ‘Orecchiette con le cime di rapa‘. This hand made pasta recipe is as simple as incredibly flavorful.

The recipe of the scrumptious ‘Focaccia barese‘ is explained by Alessandra Barone. She unveils all the secrets to prepare the perfect Bari focaccia, which is a great regional version of the classic homemade bread.
It’s not just about viewing, though. Cookpad invites its ‘pupils’ to recreate the Apulian recipes and post the result with the #lavideoscuola hashtag. And the recipes that will arrive at the website by March 30th will be collected to create an online recipe book.

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