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Hidden venues reminiscent of the 30’s atmospheres, after almost 100 years, are still very popular all over the world, even if it is not so easy to find them. A mysterious world that today is particularly appreciated by cocktail lovers. From Milan to Bari, Corriere has disclosed, as much as possible, about the best Italian speakeasy-themed bars.

‘1930’ (Milan) – The name may be explicit, but the official address is unknown. The establishment is hidden in the back room of a Chinese bar near Piazza Cinque Giornate in Milan. The only way to enjoy its cocktails is to go to Mag or Barba and get in the good books of the owners, who own also the 1930.

The Mad Dog Social Club’ (Turin) – In this speakeasy, in the capital of Vermuth, drinks ingredients – bitters and spirits of the Italian tradition with particular attention to the Piedmontese territory – are pulled directly from barrels and glass jars. The address and a password to enter are sent to those who send an email to address found on the website.

Malkovich’ (Genoa) – To enter it is necessary to know the password, which is different every night but always linked to the title of a film. In fact, the owners love cinema. The speakeasy bar is located in the basement of a sandwich bar, where the great classics are the Margarita from ‘Kill Bill‘, the Manhattan from ‘Some like it hot’, and a whole section of drinks dedicated to Hemingway.

The barber shop’ (Rome) – Combs, scissors, razors, and swivel chairs by day, shakers, spirits, and live music by night. This establishment, located between San Giovanni, Piazza Vittorio, and the Flavian Amphitheater, lives a double life and after sunset, it offers cocktails such as the Zappa with Mezcal, lime juice, orange curacao, mango syrup, and sesame candied papaya.

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