Between the green Mediterranean scrub, the blue sea and the white sandy beach there stand low buildings, granite stones and colored pottery:

Welcome to the Paradise Resort & SPA         

A perfect way to discover the natural beauty of Sardinia, from the pink flamingoes in the Protected Marina Area of Tavolara to the Mediterranean scrubland on Monte Niedddu; and for sports lovers, so many opportunities, on sea, land or sky.

We are on the north-east coast of Sardinia, in front us, the crystal waters and beach of Lu Impostu in the resort of San Teodoro, immersed in a natural oasis and surrounded by the colors and scents of the land, in a romantic paradise ideal for a relaxing break and, at the same time, perfect for all the family.

On arrival, the large gates open up towards the main building, where there a bright, spacious reception area: you immediately feel more relaxed, together with the impossibility of taking in the sheer enormity of the resort.

From there you will be shown your rooms, gently strolling along the driveways connecting various buildings hidden in the greenery: granite constructions on a single level, with verandas that articulate into the grounds or, alternatively contain two levels with a terrace.

Characterized by modern and elegant furniture in colors that chime with the natural surroundings, the rooms and suites of the Paradise Resort & Spa come in different sizes and positions, whether sea view or overlooking the garden, with a terrace or veranda for those who wish to enjoy a 360º panoramic view in a moment of pure relaxation during the day. Other rooms and suites are available with a private panoramic roof with a breathtaking 180º view over the bay at the front of the complex.

The Resort was conceived as being built with light, clean materials to be in harmony with the natural surroundings of the truly private park surrounding the various buildings of the Paradise Resort & SPA, enriched by the swimming pools, one for young children too, an ample solarium, and by large open spaces leading to the sea.

The pools seem, actually, to be extensions of the sea itself, while the low granite buildings and discrete and elegant furniture call to mind the typical colors of Sardinia: the white sandy beach (accessible on foot), the blueness of the sea and the surrounding greenery with all its natural aromas. An atmosphere of peace-and-quiet for a stay of total relaxation and, in the background, Tavolara island whose nature park runs right up to the Paradise Resort & SPA through rosemary bushes and olive vines mixed with various seasonal flora.

The local cuisine is typically Mediterranean using fresh products and traditional recipes offering the possibility to enjoy local dishes, accompanied by wines from the island, as well as international options with particular attention paid to nutritional requirements and the needs of our guests.

There are two restaurants within the Paradise Resort & SPA that, together with the bar, just recently renovated, afford our guests and anyone holidaying on the island tasty dishes and pleasant drinks to be enjoyed in the quiet of a relaxed atmosphere, not forgetting the little ones who have a dedicated menu and the opportunity to share mealtimes with new acquaintances.

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