From Porta Castiglione, one can get (by bus if you don’t drive) to the Rizzoli hospital: from there you can enjoy a wonderful view of Bologna from a panoramic terrace, which is ideal for taking some beautiful photos. At this point, if you’re going to carry on into evening, I would suggest heading towards the area round Via del Pratello. Firstly, because I recommend stopping in Via Belvedere at the Senza Nome (the No-Name) – a charming little bar started by a team of young deaf-and-dumb people – or at the Fun Cool Oh!, or alternatively, at the “red-hot” Mercato Delle Erbe (Herb Market). Walking along Via del Pratello, one can take a break in Piazza San Francesco where there will often be groups of young people “comfortably” sitting on the ground, beer-in-hand, while enjoying the university atmosphere and other, more grown up groups, singing and dancing in the square. Other places of interest in the area are Altotasso (which often plays host to some great concerts) and De Marchi, both of which are very cheap-and-cheerful. On Via del Pratello, if you’re hungry, you could eat at the Cantinone or in another of the numerous small restaurants lining the street. To enjoy a good ‘amaro’ however, I suggest the Barazzo, a very popular bar.


For lovers of the dance floor I suggest shaking-a-leg at the Arteria, right in the city center which hosts various types of evenings, or at Cassero, a gay-friendly venue with good music. Nearby there is the MAMbo, the Bologna Museum of Modern Art, with its, always very interesting, temporary exhibitions (apart from hosting a bar of the same name which serves great aperitifs). Obviously, for anyone with the time and the inclination, a pilgrimage to the San Luca Basilica is a must (accessible on-foot via a beautiful route), or a trip by car around the Bolognese hills, among farms and the inns which serve tortellini, lasagna and glasses of superb Lambrusco and Sangiovese”. I don’t know about you, but if I had the good fortune to end up in Bologna, I would not ignore these suggestions.

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