In just a few hours, the campaign designed by Totò De Lorenzis, a graphic designer from Salento, was shared on the web almost 2 thousand, invading Facebook message boards. De Lorenzis borrowed the logos of international renown brands adapting them to include the names of the towns and villages of the province of Lecce. In this way he turned places into logos, which in itself works as a word game in Italian: ‘i luoghi diventano loghi’.

“I used the communicative power of big brands to represent the importance of Salento localities that are losing their identity,” said De Lorenzis, partner of the Progetty Design Studio in Lecce. “I felt the need to do a social experiment in total creative freedom. I wanted to shake my territory with a smile and externalize my observation in the most POPular way possible. In these years of activity at the service of an across-the-board communication listening to the requests that came from the private, passing from those of the artist, and up to the more structured ones from the company, I realized how much, over time, they all became totally aligned.”

The Salento, – continues De Lorenzis – which, for its anthropological and social integrity, deeply impressed a Nobel prize like Quasimodo, which inspired thought and study for strong personalities like Lapassade and De Martino, that Salento, imprinted in my memory no longer exists. Those places that had their own strong identity no longer exist. Thus, according to my personal opinion, the place transformed in the same way the company did: the Place turned into the Logo. With this experiment, I reversed the trend by playing on the perception of advertising language we have: using the communicative power of big brands I wanted to give the right importance to the local realities.

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