An exhibition and an interactive path bring together one of the most characteristic corners of the Eternal City 

On February 18th, 1920, the then King of Italy, Victor Emanuel III, presided over a ground-breaking ceremony in Piazza Brin in Rome. It was the official opening of the neighborhood of Garbatella. Originally it was established to accommodate the families of workers in neighboring Ostiense. Today the southern suburb is one of the most characteristic areas of Rome and it celebrates its 100 birthday.

garbatella-roma-building-rome-streetGarbatella has a very distinctive character that results from its eclectic architecture, rambling lanes with laundry on lines, and winding steps.

It has the intimate atmosphere of a village and a timeworn charm enlivened by street art, laid-back nightlife, and a theater. The suburb became famous in 1993 thanks to Nanni Moretti’s movie ‘Caro diario’. In it, the director plays the central character and tours the area on his Vespa to the backdrop of the Leonard Cohen track ‘I’m Your Man‘.

Garbatella celebrates the anniversary of its opening is with a series of events and an exhibition of its origins. Essentially it will be a very long neighborhood party that will with many recovery and revitalization initiatives. The exhibition tells the history of this corner of Rome with documents from the historical archive and the “speaking” itinerary with interviews with residents.

The Garbatella Experience path, in collaboration with the Architecture Department of Roma Tre, is a journey of 20 stages inside through the neighborhood. Using their smartphones to scan the QR codes placed through the Garbatella, visitors can listen to presentations of the different corners.

Moreover, during the opening of the exhibition opening, local authorities presented the new redevelopment projects that will be concluded this year.

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