Until May 27, Prada Rong Zhai in Shanghai hosts the exhibition entitled ‘Roma 1950-1965’, organized by Fondazione Prada, and conceived and curated by its Artistic and Scientific Superintendent, Germano Celant. The exhibition explores the exciting cultural climate and lively art scene that developed in Rome during the period following World War II, and brings together over 30 paintings and sculptures by artists including Carla Accardi, Afro Basaldella, Mirko Basaldella, Alberto Burri, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Ettore Colla, Pietro Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Nino Franchina, Gastone Novelli, Antonio Sanfilippo, Toti Scialoja, and Giulio Turcato. ‘Roma 1950-1965’ also investigates the important role that the Italian capital had in the Italian cultural and movie-making scene in those 15 years through a collection of original documents that evoke the historical and artistic contexts of the time.

The exhibition is part of the program of cultural events and initiatives inaugurated last Autumn with a fashion show featuring the Prada Resort 2018 collection and an exhibition dedicated to the restoration work conducted on the Rong Zhai building by Prada and Fondazione Prada.

First built in 1918 and declared ‘cultural patrimony’ of the Jing’an district in 2004, the historical Rong Zhai residence was reopened in October 2017 following a long restoration process that brought the building back to its original splendor and magnificence. Currently, it is organized in flexible spaces that can be used for the many different activities organized by the Prada Group in China.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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