Master gelato maker Geppy Sferra – the owner of ‘Gelato d’Essai‘ shop -, chef Marco Mezzaroma, and their partner Alessio Schioppa, after 5 years of planning, finally opened their dream restaurant in Via Tor de Schiavi in Rome. With their ‘Ristorante Gelato‘ they aim to ennoble gelato, making it the center of their cuisine with a strictly seasonal menu, in which it is offered exactly as it is in the gelateria, but in combination with other preparation, so to create something that is unusual for the customer. “We want to create an alternative in the restaurant scene – they say – one day I eat pizza, another sushi, yet another gelato. But meant as food.

The staff of Ristorante Gelato

The menu is divided into three sections according to the type of combination. ‘Gelato e Orto‘ (gelato and vegetable garden), recalls the combination of vegetables and gelato and offers complex dishes such as the ‘Carciofo alla Roma e cialda di patate all’elicriso con Gelato alla liquirizia di Rossano‘ (Roman style artichoke and helichrysum potato waffle with Rossano licorice gelato) or simpler ones as the ‘Verdure grigliate con gelato allo Yogurt‘ (grilled vegetables with Yogurt gelato). ‘Gelato e Fattoria‘ (gelato and farm), presents different gelato flavors in combination with cold cuts, meat, and cheese like: ‘Curry di pollo con gelato al cocco‘ (chicken curry with coconut gelato), ‘Spezzatino di maiale in agrodolce con sorbetto all’ananas‘ (sweet and sour pork stew with pineapple sorbet), and ‘Pizza, mortadella e insalatina con gelato al pistacchio di Bronte‘ (pizza, mortadella, and salad with Bronte pistachio gelato). ‘Gelato e Mare‘ (gelato and sea) bring fish and gelato together with recipes such as the ‘Sgombro al sesamo e spinacino con gelato al caffè‘ (sesame mackerel and baby spinach with coffee gelato), and ‘Spigola grigliata e salsa di senape, tartufo e miele con sorbetto al cacao puro‘ (grilled sea bass and mustard, truffle, and honey sauce with pure cocoa sorbet). However, considering the theme of the restaurant, the most surprising part of the menu is the one dedicated to dessert, in fact, it is the only one that does not feature any gelato.

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The small restaurant, which is currently open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, can accommodate only 14 guests at a time – thus, reservations are highly recommended – and has a retro 1950s feel even if it offers an almost futuristic cuisine.

Delia Proietto
Photos from the official website

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