The centenary of the birth of maestro Federico Fellini will take place on January 20, 2020, but Rimini, his hometown has already started to celebrate it and there are plenty of interesting events on the town’s agenda. The Municipality of Rimini points out that the celebration “actually began with the inauguration of the Cinema Fulgor, and with the festival entitled ‘I film che ho visto’ (The movies I saw), organized in the Cineteca to remember all those masterpieces that formed Fellini’s poetic imagination.”

Starting on October 4, the Cineteca del Comune will host the first part of the festival ‘I film che ho scritto’ (The movies I wrote). 15 movies to tell Fellini in his role as screenwriter: from the beginnings, as creator of gags in the movies interpreted by Macario and directed by Mario Mattoli, to the fruitful collaboration with Aldo Fabrizi – with whom he created great success such as ‘Avanti c’è posto’, ‘Campo de ‘fiori’, ‘L’ultima carrozzella’ -, but also with Roberto Rossellini – with whom Fellini collaborated for some masterpieces of the history of world cinema, like ‘Roma città aperta’ and ‘Paisà’.

In addition to the review, for the third consecutive year, a conference will be held to deepen and study the Fellini themes. This year too, the conference is organized in collaboration with the University of Bologna’s Rimini Campus and the head of ‘Cinema and cultural industry’ of Prof. Roy Menarini, who every year dedicates a monographic course to the Rimini director. In the program there are two days of study dedicated to the movies ‘Il Casanova di Federico Fellini’ and ‘Le notti di Cabiria’. Subsequently, the attention will be focused on the nature of the adjective ‘Fellinian’; with the participation of distinguished scholars and critics, including Italian linguists Valeria Della Valle.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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