In September, the ‘Front and Back’ exhibition will tell offer unprecedented insight into the influential fashion house

The Design Museum in London will host the first major museum exhibition of one of the world’s most influential fashion houses. The tickets go on sale in spring, but ‘Prada. Front and Back‘ will open in September 2020. The exhibition will guide visitors to discover one of the most powerful women in fashion, Miuccia Prada, and the brand she made famous. 

Intelligent and enterprising, Miuccia Prada’s story is unique. Mario Prada, a Milanese luxury craftsman, in 1913, opens a luxury leather shop in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

In 1978, Miuccia arrived at the helm of the company her grandfather founded. In a matter of years, she turned it into one of the most successful fashion houses in the world, while transforming the landscape of style and culture. It was the 1980 when she launched the inverted triangle logo and it soon became a cult. In 1983, Miuccia experimented with the first clothing line followed, in 1989, by the first shoes collection. With her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, she has changed the way that people dress, redefined how we understand luxury, explored new materials and technologies and invested passionately in art, design and architecture. She has made Prada the essence of modernity.

The prestigious exhibition will offer unprecedented insight into Prada’s creative approach, inspirations and landmark collaborations. It will explore Prada’s transformation of the idea and practice of fashion and the continuing evolution of a global enterprise. Different sections will reflect the idea of front and back, conveying both the surface of fashion and the creative and industrial infrastructure on which it depends.

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