In the province of Perugia, two farmers created a small restaurant on the treetop of a walnut forest

In the countryside of Todi, in the province of Perugia, it is possible to enjoy a unique experience. A delicious meal made with locally produced ingredients to be savored on a terrace 5 meters above the ground immersed among walnut treetops. 


Silvia Mocci and Valerio Andrei opened Poggio Brico, the first organic farm of the area, 10 years ago on their family land on a hill surrounded by woods. Now they made theirs, and most grownup children’s, dream come true. They always wanted a treehouse and they built one on which to welcome guests. “First we learned to cultivate the land, then to transform what the earth gives us. And today, finally, we realized a long-cherished dream: to offer our tastings on a terrace on the trees of the walnut grove facing the splendid skyline of Todi and the Tiber River Park.” High up on the treetop no more than 6 guests at a time can eat lunch or dinner in this incredible setting.

They can use a walkie-talkie to order tastings and dishes based on the farm’s production.

Delicious foods and wines are then heaved to the terrace using an electric winch. In the menu there are “simple dishes, of the Italian tradition”, and the ingredients come from a few meters from the terrace. They include vegetables, spet, meats, fruit, eggs, and wild herbs from the organic farm, served according to Italian tradition, from fried appetizers to homemade ice cream.

We were the first company in the area to grow organic vegetables. The property is about 9 hectares and in addition to a 4-hectare walnut grove, we cultivate einkorn spelt, vegetables, and hemp. Over time, we decided to transform our produce. Thus, we set up a laboratory where we cook, produce jams, sauces, and alcoholic infusions, primarily Nocino. With our einkorn spelt production we make flour, fettuccine, and hulled spelt that we sell onsite and in shops between Todi and Rome.”

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