Some of the best Italian confectioneries and chocolateries are concentrated in the northern province of the region

Tuscany is not only the land of excellent oil, wine, and cured meats, it is also has a scrumptious sweet side. And its heart is in Pistoia. The area is internationally famous for its plant nurseries, but its confectioneries deserve as much fame. The whole province is a wonderland for anyone with a sweet tooth.

chocolate-cioccolataIn the historic center of Pistoia, in Piazza San Francesco, the Corsini confectionery has been producing its little masterpieces since 1918. With artisan care, the Corsini family has handed down traditions and recipes for generations.

And, today, the ‘confetti di Pistoia’ are produced with the same ingredients as they once were.

They are ragged shaped pralines made exclusively with water and sugar. Inside there may be almonds, hazelnuts, cocoa berries, chocolate, or aniseed as per medieval tradition. Among Corsini’s iconic products, there is also the chocolate ‘Panforte Glacè’. In the 1930s, Founder Bruno Corsini created the recipe to produce a chocolate product based on Italian ingredients. Impressive is the confectioner variety of ‘Chocolate delicacies’. Little chocolates that they create in all sorts of shapes and flavors.

The aroma of chocolate is strong also about 15km west of Pistoia, in Monsummano Terme, there is Slitti, founded in 1969 as a roastery. 20 years, thanks to the second generation running the family business, it expanded the production adding cocoa processing. Today, Slitti is among the most important names in the world for Artisan Chocolateries and it exports to over 25 countries. Their excellent chocolates have won more than 100 national and international awards.

While 10km east of Pistoia, in Agliana, there is Roberto Catinari, a pioneer in the production of artisan chocolates. He opened his chocolaterie in 1974, after 20 years of experience in Switzerland. For him, quality is a philosophy and lifestyle choice. He has always worked to obtain the best possible quality from his product and to offer chocolate with an unmistakable taste, expression of intense and pure passion.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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