Italian design house, Pininfarina, and Hong Kong car company, Hybrid Kinetic have been working together in a technical collaboration worth £55 million; and, on March 6th, at the Geneva Motor show the public will be able to please their eyes with the fourth concept car they conceived together, the Pininfarina HK GT.

For the two-door four-seat coupé concept no statistics have been revealed yet, and only two images have been so far released, but it is known that it uses HKG’s electric powertrain technology, with a micro-turbine generator acting as a range extender. This is the same technology featured in the K550 and K750 SUVs and the H600 sedan, which were revealed in concept forms during last year edition of the Geneva Motor Show and that promised 621-mile-range battery packs with 50,000-charge-cycle lifespans; however, in consideration of GTs’ sports focus, the Pininfarina HK GT may aim at higher performance, even if it means trading of some ultimate range.

The Italian design house writes: “With the HK GT, Pininfarina interprets a classic architecture of the Italian automobile school, the gran turismo, while continuing to refine the identity and the formal language of the Hybrid Kinetic brand. Pininfarina also responds once again to the need for zero emissions combining stylistic research with environmental sustainability. The other key feature of the HK GT is the cutting-edge HK powertrain technology, comprising of a battery, electric motors, electrical controller and range extender.”

(Ilona Catani Scarlett)

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