A greenhouse with a garden and a breathtaking view of Turing where to savor the recipes of 2-star chef Sacco

Turin is synonymous with good food, great wines, art and culture, and Piano35 sums these elements up perfectly. Intesa Sanpaolo entrusted Chef Marco Sacco with the direct management of the upper floors of the skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano.

The chef, owner of ‘Piccolo Lago’ in Verbania, holder of two Michelin stars, leads the lounge bar, the event space, and the restaurant. The latter’s name, ‘Piano 35′, recalls its location, the 35th floor, which makes it at 150 meters above ground, the highest restaurant in Italy. The view of Turin’s rooftops is nothing short of breathtaking. But this is not all, the restaurant is extraordinary also because it is in a garden embraced by a bioclimatic greenhouse.

In this unique context, Sacco proposes three tasting menus that are designed like itineraries.

It is possible to discover the Bel Paese with the ‘Giro d’Italia’ menu or stay in Turin with the ‘In Piemonte’ one. While the ‘Piccolo Lago a Torino’ menu explores Sacco’s roots. In it, the starter is the ‘Lingotto del Mergozzo’. A marinated rainbow trout with smoked notes completed with a powder of balsamic vinegar and a hint of acidity given by a raspberry gel. However, even a traditional Piedmontese recipe such as ‘Riso in Cagnone’ takes on a contemporary aspect when Sacco interprets it. Rice and tomato powder are hidden by a waffle of Formazza mountain cheese, which supports a small tomato “stone”.

Guests only have to choose their destination and trust the kitchen team to guide them on a gastronomic trip filled with history, cross-cultural contamination, and surprises.

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