vespa germania germany italy italia motors motori scooter blueThe Germans crown the Vespa as the best scooter in the world. More than 47 thousand readers of the monthly motorcycle magazine Motorrad, one of the best renowned in the world, voted the Vespa GTS as ‘Motorcycle of the Year 2019‘ in the scooter category. The iconic Italian scooter, with its elegant and sinuous shapes, and its unique body entirely made of steel, is the most coveted one in Germany.

Vespa has already obtained this important award several times, so many that the website of the magazine commented: “No matter how much power or technique the other scooters implement, in the end, there’s always this Italian girl on top of the podium.” Another reason for Vespa to celebrate one of the happiest moments in its history: in the last ten years, over 1.6 million new Vespas have been produced and sold worldwide and in 2018, sales grew by 16% compared to the record numbers obtained in 2017 and exceeding the extraordinary figure of 210 thousand pieces.

Vespa GTS collects the legacy of the legendary “Vespone“, i.e. the Vespas with the larger body, with which to easily in the city as well as comfortably travel to further destinations. Moreover, in 2019 the entire Vespa GTS family improves performance, comfort, and style thanks to the new 23 hp engine, more advanced and efficient in terms of reducing emissions and consumption. Large, comfortable, and powerful, the new Vespa GTS underlines the strong vocation for tourism that the great Vespas have always embodied by offering a new saddle capable of guaranteeing better comfort for both rider and passenger. Also, the ‘Vespa MIA‘ connectivity system allows connecting a smartphone to the Vespa GTS electronic system via bluetooth, offering unique features. The TFT display shows all notifications related to incoming calls and messages allowing to manage phone calls using the practical joystick on the left control pad as well as to use the smartphone’s voice commands to make calls or play music, activating a playlist.

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