A new Made in Italy brand arrived in London, “Olivo”, a small chain of 6 diversified locations in the Belgravia district that faithfully exports the best of the Sardinian culinary traditions thanks to original recipes, raw materials, and impeccable service.

Each one of the 6 locations is dedicated to specific flavors, however, they all have in common the deep roots in the Sardinian traditions, the minimal atmospheres, and the attention to a contemporary style in offering traditional dishes without losing sight of unusual ingredients and choices that grant them international consensus.

Olivocarne” focuses on the variety of modern and classic recipes, which present different meat cuts and textures with side dishes that enhance them thanks to popular Sardinian ingredients. Here, there is also “Joe’s Bar”, where guests can enjoy aperitifs, digestives or wine selected from an impressive wine cellar. “Olivomare” offers a fish menu that offers an extensive menu to delight the public that misses the Sardinian shores. “Oliveto” presents a selection of pizzas that have become among the most sought after in London, as well as many pasta recipes.

Olivino” focuses on a wide selection of high-quality Italian wines, a boutique where to find products and delicacies imported from Sardinia, including fresh sauces, pasta, salads, as well as made to order sandwiches and coffee. “Olivogelo” is the chain’s gelateria, and it offers a delicious array of homemade ice creams all made from traditional recipes with natural raw materials.
Taken as a whole, Olivo is a small chain serving Made in Italy on a silver platter, without ever losing sight of the consistency of its roots while paying close attention to the continuous evolution that gastronomy goes through in a multicultural city like London.

Franco Del Panta

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