Olivetti manufacturer of typewriters, computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, and other such business products, located in Ivrea is celebrating its 110 years of activity with an exhibition entitled ‘Looking Forward. Olivetti: 110 years of imagination‘, which will be open to the public until May 1st at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome.

Curated by Ilaria Bussoni, Manolo De Giorgi and Nicolas Martino, in collaboration with the Olivetti Historical Archives Association, ‘Looking Forward’ showcases of over 300 unique Olivetti pieces ranging from products to posters and vintage photographs that marked the history of design, graphic arts, technological innovation and communications in Italy, presenting them in a non-nostalgic celebration of Olivetti culture.

The exhibition is organized in two areas: ‘Visual Collection’ – curated by De Giorgi, illustrates Olivetti design culture through thirty themes that have modernity a central theme -, and ‘Designing Life’ – curated by Bussoni and Martino, is a visual narrative created with photographs, advertising posters and words from the Olivetti Historical Archives Association that represent a point of view from which to observe not only the past, but also the present and, possibly, the future.

Olivetti CEO Riccardo Delleani commented: “Olivetti has written important pages in industrial history, changing the lives of entire generations through its visionary ability to anticipate the future, building a business concept based on courageous ethical choices and a profound belief in social advancement. Design, the organization of industrial activities, the role of intellectuals, art, and technological innovation have always been the tools to propose and create better production models and quality of life. The beauty of the products and images on show represent one of the most visible forms of the values of this experience, with the aim to provide visitors with vital stimuli to look forward, encouraged by a great past.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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