From Percoto (Udine) to San Francisco, Nonino collected the Wine Enthusiast Award at the Palace of Fine Arts

On January 27th, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco hosted the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards. It the most important international prize in the world of wine and spirits. The 20th edition of the event has been very special for an Italian company. The Nonino Distillery from Percoto (Udine) received the ‘Spirit Brand / Distiller of the Year‘ award. And it is the first grappa producer, as well as the first Italian distillery, to win the prestigious recognition.

In the motivation, Wine Enthusiast attributes to the Nonino family “energy, courage, and a revolutionary vision.” Emphasizing their ability to “redesign a traditional distillate for the modern era” thanks to “their continuous commitment to excellence.” All based on an innovation that respects the culture and identity of the territory.

According to the jurors, these reasons, grappa Nonino, which has been present on international markets for over 40 years, represents an expression of the Best of the made in Italy.

The award touched both Giannola Nonino and her daughter Elisabetta, who went with her to San Francisco to collect it.

Elisabetta Nonino commented: “It is the first time that an Italian distillery receives this recognition and the fact that it is a grappa distillery fills our hearts with pride and joy. It proves to us that anything is possible when you have passion, excellent ingredients, innovation, and a resilient spirit. The research to maintain absolute quality in the distillation process has been one of our life goals. The other was to raise grappa from its humble origins to the Queen of spirits.” Now they have the award to prove they succeeded on all fronts.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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