In the next year in Rome there will certainly be a number of new pizzerias opening, but at least two of them will be guaranteed to offer scrumptious pizzas prepared according to the recipes of internationally renown pizza chefs, Gino Sorbillo and Stefano Callegari.

After opening in Milan and New York, and having announced the expansion of his pizza empire in Miami, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, finally, Sorbillo arrives in Rome. Indeed, the Neapolitan pizza chef announced that “within six months”, he will open a Neapolitan pizzeria in Rome, probably in the Porta Pia area, even if the search for the perfect location is still underway. His will be one of the few places where to find the original Neapolitan pizza and Sorbillo, who won in court the exclusive use of the Sorbillo brand, will undoubtedly name it ‘Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo’, in line with all his other locations. About the new Roman pizzeria, Sorbillo said: “we will propose our pizza” with the “same style. (…) A street pizza, accessible to everyone even price-wise,” with “fresh ingredients coming from everyday shopping.” The search for the restaurant in the Porta Pia area is still ongoing but Sorbillo ensures that the new sign will open soon.

In the meantime, by the end of the month, the Prati district of the Italian capital will see the opening of ‘Lievito‘: a pizzeria with a kitchen designed by Giovanni Bertugno, Carlo Roscioli and the Benedetti brothers of the Banana Republic. A very large space, which can seat between 130 and 140 people: here it will be possible to enjoy the classic pizza of Stefano Callegari – round, with high edges and very well cooked. The focus will be on pizzas, but the menu will be enriched by a variety of fried foods and dishes typical of the Roman tradition.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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