The National Archaeological Museum represents Italy in Vivienne Westwood’s cultural platform

British designer Vivienne Westwood has launched her latest project, but it is not a fashion one. #MirrorTheWorld is a digital campaign to discover beauty. And within this platform, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (MANN), represents the Belpaese through the lens of Luigi Spina.

The digital campaign involves intellectuals and artists from around the world to share content and support the creative community.

The beauty stored in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples is a great example of the Italian historical and artistic heritage. On the occasion of the Festival of Museums, Westwood posted on her Instagram page the photographs that Spina took during his years of research among the masterpieces of the MANN. From the Atlas to the Doriforo. From the Antinoo to the Corridori. From the glass findings of the collection of every-day objects from the Vesuvian cities to the colossal Flora Farnese.

Spina’s images have become a suggestive means on a path of knowledge for the two million followers of Wetswood’s Instagram account.

MANN’s director, Paolo Giulierini, commented: “We were happy to join the #MirrorThe World digital project, created by Vivienne Westwood, an icon of British fashion and an extraordinary woman who, with her creativity, has long fought against climate change and for ethical consumption. Creating a cultural platform to connect artists and great works from all over the world in this difficult moment is a further sign of his sensitivity. We know that Ms. Westwood loves our museum and the masterpieces of classicism very much. We are waiting to welcome her to Naples.”

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