A map that marks all the landmarks of over two thousand years of Italian Jewish history

Available as an app for Android and iOS, but also as a website, ‘My Jewish Italy’ is the new tool promoted by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI). It presents, in all its forms, the incredible heritage given by over two thousand years of Jewish history in Italy. There are museums, guided tours, synagogues, monuments, even ancient mikwa’ot (i.e. the ritual bathtubs). But there are also workshops of Jewish artisans as well as restaurants and kosher caterings.

‘My Jewish Italy’ is the new tool promoted by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI)

Jacqueline Fellus, the UCEI councilor in charge of the project, explains: “It is a 360° mapping of Jewish Italy. Thanks to the collaboration with the Jewish Cultural Heritage Foundation in Italy and the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities we have built a showcase for national and international tourism that encompasses all the Jewish cultural heritage of our country. The site and the app tell and explain the bi-millennial Jewish presence in Italy, its contribution to the cultural, economic, and social development of our country.” The project is not a finished one. On the contrary, it feeds daily on the missing pieces added by the Jewish communities of the individual cities. For example, some additions are the Synagogue of Carmagnola, and the ritual bath of the Cas Bianca in Syracuse.

For those who want to try a dish of the many Jewish culinary traditions, there are stores, restaurants, and a list of certified products. Indeed, in Italy, kosher cuisine is becoming more and more popular. In this context, Fellus indicates ‘My Jewish Italy’ as “a facilitator that aims to give an account of all enogastronomic activities and to offer a service to those who want to try, or follow, the kosher diet. The list of products, drawn up together with the Italian Rabbinical Assembly, works also as a marketing lever. It is an international showcase of ‘kosher made in Italy’ food.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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