‘In ginocchio da te’, written by the singer-songwriter in 1964, is the soundtrack of a scene of ‘Parasite’

Parasite‘, the acclaimed South Korean black comedy, brought a piece of Italy to Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre for the 2020 Oscars. The movie, directed by Bong Joon-ho, made the history of the Academy Awards. At the 92nd edition of the event, it became the first non-English film to win best picture. It also won best international film, best original screenplay, and best director. One of the most important scenes of the movie features an Italian song, ‘In ginocchio da te’ by Gianni Morandi.

Italian singer Gianni Morandi

And Bong explained that he chose it because, in the scene, the protagonists are on their knees.

The director also said that he would like to meet the singer-songwriter who authored it. 

With great satisfaction Morandi had made the announcement with a post on Facebook: “On the night of February 9-10, the Oscars will be awarded at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Among the nominees for best film, there is also ‘Parasite’, a Korean film that has an Italian song in its soundtrack. Look at some pictures and listen to the song that I know well...”

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