Not only fashion and jewelry, Milan’s elite MonteNapoleone shopping district is hosting for its third edition, until May 20th, the MonteNapoleone Yacht Club, premier gathering of high-profile names from the worlds of yachting and luxury. The event sees shipyards and builders paired with some of the famous shopping district’s luxury boutiques, in which they will display sketches, previews, and videos of their latest projects, as well as their best-known yachts, in scale models, for obvious logistic reasons.

Moreover, MonteNapoleone Yacht Club 2018 for the first time will present an open-air exhibition entitled “Italy Rules the Waves” and organized in partnership with Boat International that celebrates Italy’s ship building tradition and showcase some of the finest yachts designed and built under the Made in Italy name. Also, Industry professional took part in a round-table discussion entitled ‘Italian Avantgarde: Design, Industry and Sustainability in Boatbuilding’ focusing yacht building and design and their impact on the environment; the panel included also environmental experts, such as Donatella Bianchi, president of WWF Italy.

Guglielmo Miani, president of the MonteNapoleone District, commented: “The MonteNapoleone Yacht Club promotes the excellence of Italian boat building and the world-famous names that the association represents. I say the same thing every year, but it is true: Milan is Italy’s, and perhaps Europe’s, city with the highest number of yacht owners. It’s propensity for business, but also tradition, make it a meeting point for the industry – not just shipyards and yacht owners, but a whole range of people involved in design and publishing. The success of our event is proof of this, and every year we try to give the enthusiasts even more.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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