Monopoli (BA), halfway between Bari and Brindisi, is a coastal town that, thanks to its coast, scenery, art, and architecture, in recent years, has been more and more appreciated both by Italian and international tourists.

Known as the city of the one hundred districts (spread on the coast and in the countryside), Monopoli is unique for its natural and architectural beauty. The area was first settled as a fortified Messapian city, but during the centuries it has known many denominations which have left their mark in the construction and among the society. Moreover, during the Medieval wars, the city was rebuilt many times thanks to Fredrick II. In this amazing context, all visitors can find a sight to strike a chord with them: fortified farmhouses – some turned into luxury guest houses -, the impressive architecture of many churches, including the Neapolitan baroque Cathedral – a popular wedding location among celebrities – and the alleys among the white buildings of the eighteenth-century historical center – where there are some picturesque B&Bs.

Nonetheless, Monopoli’s strong-point is the sea. Sea of the little fishing port – that for a weekend in June turns into the stage for a luxury yachts gala -, where, from the promenade, it is possible to admire the façade of the Venetian style Palace and the fortress known as Charles V Castle. Sea of the beaches and coves, many within the long Capitolo district, center of local nightlife with many restaurants, fish shops, and beach resorts. Two of the most beautiful ones are those of Cala Portavecchia, embraced by the old city walls, and Cala Porto Ghiacciolo, with crystal clear blue water, from where to admire the imposing Abbey of Santo Stefano.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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