The Piedmontese cola made only with Italian ingredients and a recipe inspired by a famous book of Piedmontese recipes written in 1854 and in collaboration with a historical Aromatherié from Florence, is now also famous for its award-winning design. In fact, its ‘90-60-90′ glass bottle, earmarked for restaurants and bars, won two awards at the Los Angeles International Design Award (IDA), one of the most important design awards in the world. ’90-60-90′, designed by the Turinese Curve Creative Studio and produced by Verallia Italia, was awarded for the original use of glass, material chosen because it is able to preserve the characteristics of the product as well as to launch a challenge to the plastic, and received two Gold Prizes in the sub-categories Material Design and Manufacturing Design.

The 33 cl bottle’s shape is a tribute to the sinuous one of Sophia Loren while the pattern on the glass pattern aims to convey a sartorial allure inspired by the art of the great designer Giorgio Armani. Indeed, the surface of the glass reminds of the sartorial weave of tweed, with the label representing a belt and the crown cap a hat. Francesco Bianco, founder and partner of Molecola, considers himself very satisfied with the result obtained. The aim to create an aesthetically beautiful product, in which ingenuity, aesthetic elegance, and functionality are intertwined to represent the Italian excellences, was achieved.

However, Molecola was not in the USA only for the IDA awards. In fact, for the first time in history, thanks to the cooperation with Eataly, the Italian Cola can be found on the shelves in Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas and New York and soon in Toronto.

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