October 29th to November 1st, the important automotive event to take place in 40 Milanese squares and streets

The autumn edition of the ‘Parco Valentino Motor Show’ has a new name and many new locations. Renamed ‘Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show‘, the 4-day event moves to the Lombard capital. From October 29th and November 1st, it will spread over 40 different locations within the city in collaboration with the cities of Milan and Monza and the support of ACI.

The event will start with representatives of the most important car manufacturers crossing the Fashion Quad up to the Duomo driving the latest cars of their brand on the occasion of the President Parade.


Indeed, Piazza Duomo will be the showcase for the entire event.

Nevertheless, many other Milanese squares and streets will house raised platforms. These will be the uncovered and illuminated stages for the latest innovative productions. Each one will all have a QR code that will give visitors all the information about the model on show. The aim is to allow the public to know and see the models currently on the market, with particular attention to green engines. Indeed, this 6th edition of the event will specifically focus on electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles designed to reduce emissions and increase environmental sustainability. And visitors will be able to test drives these products are at Castello Sforzesco.

The Monza circuit will host dynamic track activities, such as track days reserved for clubs and car manufacturers, for a weekend dedicated to the dynamic passion for the four wheels. Here, the protagonists of the Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show will be private collectors and supercar owners. The events scheduled for them include the Supercar Night Parade, on October 29th, and the Grand Prix Parco Valentino, on November 1st.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

Photos from the official Facebook Page

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